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Life in May: Day Eighteen

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Share a story from your childhood.

Seeing as it is Saturday I’m taking the easy road again. I wrote this post for my brother’s birthdays a few years ago.


Matthew (#2), Chris (#1), Nathan (#3)

These are my brothers.

Yes, I grew up with three brothers.

Yes, they are all older than me.

Yes, I’m the only girl.


Brothers #1 and #2 are celebrating their birthdays this week so I thought it fitting to give you my thoughts of growing up in a house full of boys!

I find it very funny that both my mom and dad came from families with lots of girls and ended up with three boys and one girl. My dad has three sisters and one brother and my mom has two sisters.

Our house was always LOUD!

We lived on a dairy farm with my grandpa and grandma. Lots of family and friends would pop in during the week and there was usually someone extra at the dinner or supper table.

Across one of our fields was a family with another set of three boys who were the same ages as my brothers.

The Weaver boys were a permanent fixture in our house. This meant lots of stinky shoes and socks lying around for my mother to pick up!

The boys, as we called them, spent most of their time together getting into trouble.

Once, they went hunting for squirrel with their BB guns and brought one back to our house. I thought my mom was going to hang them up by their toes! She made them take it outside to field dress it, but no one wanted to keep it.

They also made a go-cart out of plywood and would race it around our fields.

I remember asking my mom why the Weaver’s didn’t have a nice sister that I could play with!

Living in the country had it’s advantages. We were able to run around in the fields and make forts in our woods. My dad would just whistle from the front porch and we would come running.

A few years ago we had gone back to the farm at Christmas to visit my grandma and take my nieces sledding. My dad stayed in the house with grandma. A few hours later we could hear his whistle and Chris and I started the trek back to the house! My nieces thought it was so cool that Papa had his own way of getting us back home.

For the longest time my brothers shared one huge room in our house. That meant three beds, three dressers, and three desks. For the most part, they kept it pretty clean probably because the floor was used for wrestling matches.

My dad’s most famous phrase is, “You play with the big boys, you’re gonna get hurt.” I always wanted to get in the middle of everything and then come crying to my dad if the boys were mean to me.

When my dad bought my brothers dirt bikes (mini-motorcycles), I asked him where mine was. He said, “Oh, maybe I should have bought you a horse”!

One year for Christmas, my dad bought us all huge red metal tool boxes. Even me! My mom told me I could use it to hold my Barbies. we all still have our tool boxes!

We used to turn our backyard into a baseball field every summer.

There were some trees planted in just the right places to make first,second and third base. My favorite picture of myself comes from our backyard baseball days.

I’m wearing a big poufy dress and standing on third base ready to run for home.

Such is my life!

I wanted to be with the boys, but I wanted to be a girly girl as well.

Well, forgetting the fact that I played flag football when I was in sixth grade!

I’ve been a dancer from the time I was two. I took classes all year long, while my brothers played every sport known to man.

However, one summer I convinced my brother Nathan to take classes at my dance school. He LOVED it!  The director even added more boys classes to the schedule.

I wouldn’t change my life with my brothers for anything.

It was lonely at times, but I got my set of sisters when I went to college.

My brothers have a fierce hold over my heart.

They taught me how to pick the diamond from the riff raff when it comes to guys.

They are super protective (To a fault!)

And most of all, they are wonderful husbands and fathers. You can’t beat that!

So, way to go Mom and Dad!

Happy Birthday, Christopher and Matthew. I love you!


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