Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life in the Craft Room


It’s been a busy weekend catching up on some crafty projects I’ve had building up in my stash.

I love jewelry, white, and DIY projects,

so I thought I would combine all my loves into one handy jewelry holder.

I found some neat ideas on Pinterest.


via Black.White.Yellow.

There were lots of ideas but I knew I could come up with something on my own.

I had found a cheap frame from Goodwill.DSC06204


Aww, you can kinda see Bindi’s little nose!

Purple really isn’t my favorite color.

Enter my friend…

White Paint!


Yes, I painted on the carpet.

I’m dangerous that way!


Price tag proof of the cheapness of this project…


After I gave Mr. Frame two coats of BFF White Paint, it was time to decide where to place the wires hooks.

I knew I wanted five or six rows of wire. The frame opening was 20 inches.

I took out my tape measure and marked off four inches between each row.

I started the first row just one inch below the top of the frame so I wouldn’t waste hanging space.


After I marked each side, I pulled out another friend from my craft kit.


Hello Power Tools! You are awesome!

I pre-drilled some small holes so the hooks would go in easier.



These circle hooks (or hangers) came in a picture hanging kit, that I happened to have in my tool box, along with the wire I used.

You can find these in the hardware aisle at Wal-Mart or Target

They are really easy to use, they just twist right in the hole you drill.


You can’t really tell by this picture, but there are two wires going across the back of the frame!

I just tied one end to the circle hook, pulled it across to the other side, gave it some slack, cut it with wire cutters, and twisted it to the other hook.

After all my wires were tied on, I tested each one to make sure they were super tight. They were pretty easy to untie and pull tight.

When it was all completed, it was time to add some pretties!


When I move to my new place I’ll hang it in my bathroom and add my necklaces to the bottom row.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!


Total Project Cost

Goodwill Frame- $2.99

White Acrylic Paint from Hobby Lobby- $2.99

Picture Hanging Kit- Already had on hand (Bought by my kicking dad!)

Total- $6

Awesome and so worth the time!

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Ashley said...

this is a great idea!!! LOVE it