Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life on Thursday

Happy Friday Eve, Friends. 

It's Thursday, which means I drop some thoughts in your lap and let you decide if I'm crazy or not! 

*My classroom has been a complete fun house all week. And by fun, I mean serious work was happening all week long.  My kids (and I) are at that stage in the year when we just all need to blow off some steam. And don't nice spring days just scream bubbles? They do in case you were wondering! 

*I finally feel my blogging juices flowing again. Jenni over at Story of My Life is hosting a Blog Everyday in May link up. I couldn't be happier. This is just what my brain and blog needed. Join along? 
*I'm moving to Texas in early July. Have I mentioned that? No? 
Ok, so consider this your official announcement: 
I'm moving to Texas in early July. 
My family is everything to me and I can't wait to be closer to them. There's a lot of things that have happened in the last few months (I'll talk about them once I move) that have really pushed me in this direction. 
But, I don't have a job. Anyone want to hire a really great preschool/kindergarten teacher?!? 
*And really, could I end this week without something Lochte related? The answer would be no. 

This showed up this morning after I spent a whole week telling people how amahzing he smells. Like no joke, off the charts! 

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Emily Hornburg said...

Texas??? WHAT?????

But I totally understand. My family is only 6 hours away (9 if you count my Indiana family) and I still miss them. :(