Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life in the Classroom (or the time kids wrote stories)

*Oh my! Three posts in one week!*

So, clearly I am the best teacher ever. No really, I have the Christmas ornaments/mugs/t-shirt (yes!) to prove it!

Most of my day is spent holding back huge belly laughs. I mean HUGE! I just find small children fascinating and quite simply, hilarious. 

 Occasionally I will let the children cut pictures from magazines, glue them on paper, and while I write a "story" to go along with it.  

Look for these stories on the best seller's lists. 

Didn't realize Dr. Phil was looking! 

Or Lady Gaga.

Yes, meat. Very important. 

As is eating hamburgers after all the meat. 

*With menopause there's time to embrace change. And a time to defy it.* 
This may or not be my new life motto. Holla! 
My four year olds are concerned about menopause. It's a problem. Or a ball, apparently. 


Casey said...

That menopause thing is so funny! Did they just want to cut out a circle?

Sarah said...


Katie said...

OH MY GOSH! HAHAHAA. "That's a ball." Also, meat. Tee hee.

Emily Hornburg said...

That was great! I love kids.