Monday, June 25, 2012

Life’s Glamtastic (June’s Glam Bag)


Here’s another round up from my June Glam Bag.

Head to to find out more information.

(If you missed last month’s post.)


This month’s theme was Out All Night.

Isn’t that bag so cute?



I love love the Marbella eyeliner. When they say permanent, they mean it! I wore it during a long wedding weekend and it never smudged even while I cried!

I haven’t used the lipstick yet, thinking of saving it for a giveaway. But I’ve used other NYX products and they are pretty  high quality.


The philosophy oxygen gel cream is a nice light moisturizer. I used it during my weekend in California and it didn’t make me look greasy.

Having dry curly hair, I’m always looking for a cream that stops frizz. The Living Proof cream just might be my answer. Can’t wait to use it in Texas.

Overall, this month was a 4 out of 5. Mostly because the lipstick color is not my favorite.


Keep up the good work, myglam!

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Linny said...

You got some great goodies in your my glam bag! I love your blog, it is very cute! Hope you have a great week!