Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life on Thursday

It’s Thursday! Time to link up with Sar for one long Thursday Thought!

So, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve fallen prey to the trends of fashion blogging.

I own four bubbles necklaces, I have more red/bright pink lipstick than I can count, and there are multiple chambray shirts in my closest. After reading this post and this follow up, I was intrigued.
What do guys really think about these seemingly adorable trends?

Enter my closest friend, who just happens to be (gasp) a guy, a brother to three sisters, and a reader of this little blog.

*please know that this is typical of a majority of our text conversations.*

photo (2)

photo (1)

He went on to tell me that maxi dresses look like pajamas (duh, they’re “work appropriate pajamas!)


First off, I have awesome friends!

Secondly, apparently guys have strong opinions on girls fashion sense.

Thirdly, googling buns makes boys hungry!

I, for one, will not be giving away my maxis anytime soon. I know I can rock a topknot with the best of them, even if it’s boarding on 60 year old librarian. However, I’m not in a relationship. I get to dress for me! Would you dress a certain way around your guy? If you knew he didn’t like a certain article of your wardrobe, would you take it out of rotation?

I’m really interested in this idea. Please, please let me know your thoughts!


Neisa said...

That was hilarious. I do love maxi dresses. Yes, they are as comfy as PJ's. Thankfully, my husband likes them...or so he says...hmmmm.

Melissa said...

That is HILARIOUS. I'm cracking up. I LOVE maxi dresses! What is not to love about maxi dresses?! AND buns! And bubble necklaces for that matter!

Boys! ;)

Michaela {au naturel design} said...

Too funny. It's always good to get a guy's honest opinion. I know the outfits that I wear for me versus the one's I wear to impress my guy. Maxi's would definitely be a pro on the days I would rather stay in pjs but confidence will make you fabulous no matter what.

Katie said...

Kyle is not a fan of my jeggins and I wear them nearly daily. So I'm guessing I just dress for myself. :) What?! He still loves me!! haha.

itbritt said...

I would have never really thought of any of this. I mean, why wouldn't a guy love what I want to wear?

bahahah I guess it just goes to show that the trends don't matter to them like they do to us.

And I'm not a fan of the bubble necklaces, but I can't put my finger on why. bright lipstick = yes.