Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life’s Glamtastic (May’s Glam Bag)

First off, forgive me for the puny post title.
It’ll all make sense!
I know that you’ve probably heard of birchbox.  (A monthly beauty product subscription.) You pay $10 a month for a small box of “high end” samples.
My friend Lihau (PS, totally go visit her new blog, amazing!) got me hooked up with MyGlam and their new Glam Bags.
It works just like birchbox, but is infinitely better! Larger products, less samples, and a cute bag every month.
Each bag is “curated” by a youtube guru and follows a theme.
May’s Theme was Love is in the Air.
These brushes already have come in handy. Love the eyeliner brush.
Forgive me for not showing the color!
Aren’t those nail blings so cute! The perfume is very fruity and summery.
Check it out and get on the wait list.


Casey said...

Ooh. This looks like fun. I am already a birchbox subscriber so I don't know if I should do another service, but maybe when my box subscription runs out I will make the switch :)

Katie said...

WHAT?! ...I've never heard of this. I'm in! Haha! :)

Meg - [Life of Meg] said...

Oh my goodness, this is so good to know!! I've been thinking about doing BirchBox, but this sounds much better! Thanks for the recommendation, lady!

Oh and PS- Your blog header is GORGEOUS! I love that! Now following! :)