Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life on Thursday

It’s Thursday which means time for another roundup of Thursday Thoughts!

*The other night I hear this “bang, bang, crash, crash” outside my window. I looked out in the parking lot and remembered my neighbors were packing a U-haul. My first response was, “Who packs a U-haul in the middle of the night.” Apparently, my neighbors. Then I thought, “Who goes to bed at 9:30?” Apparently, me and children under the age of ten.

*Heading out to California tomorrow. I know, another trip to California. I hardly ever go so having two trips in less than a month is HUGE for me! Can’t wait to celebrate my friend Katie’s wedding!


Let’s my house right there!

*Spent a day (and a bunch of money!) in Scottsdale last week.


Have you been to a West Elm store? This trip deserves it own post!

*I’ve been working on a list of movies that have Christmas scenes.When September rolls around, I refuse to watch Christmas movies or listen to Christmas music. But sometimes I get into the mood and can’t help myself. I’d like to know what movies still have a Christmasy feel but are safe to watch. (Yes, I’m a dork.)

*I leave for Texas next week!

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Sar said...

Woohoo for California trips! Where in TX are you coming again? I forget! So excited for you.

You're awesome, and wonderful, and all things good in the world. Thanks for linking up Rach!


Katie said...

Ohhh, that water looks amazing!!!! Have fun on your trips! :)

addicted to love said...

I love the pics on this post!

I look forward to reading more of your posts.

New follower here.