Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life with Me


Put quite simply, Life with me is never boring!

I’m loud, I’m proud…get used to it!

(Oh Will Ferrell how I love you!)

I’ve come to realize in the last couple of years that I only need to live this life for God.

Sure, I have expectations at work, with my family and friends. But ultimately God is the one place I need to go to find my reason and strength.

The last few weeks I’ve struggled with parents who aren’t happy with the way I run my classroom. A few years ago this would have turned me into a weepy mess and I would have found a thousand ways to defend myself.

This time around I’m confident in myself and my abilities that I can kinda let this roll of my back. It makes it easier knowing that I have over 80 parents to deal with and it is impossible to keep everyone happy 100% of the time!

God is pleased with me when I work with His joy in my heart. His grace covers a multitude of sins and annoyances. I have learned to take set backs like these and use them as an opportunity to pray for the people involved. These moments won’t break me, just make me stronger.

In my small group, we’ve been discussing living life together. The last two weeks we’ve always come back around to my motto in life.

Live life in the moment.


Be silly.


Your past can’t hurt you, your future is mapped out.

God is already there.

The present is all you’ve got to work with.

Make it great!


PS…Yes, I’m a dork…

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