Sunday, November 27, 2011

Life During Thanksgiving Break in Random List Form

*Got rid of one full bag of clothes and shoes.
*Went to a teaching workshop.
*Made a Christmas Wreath.
*Made a pom pom garland.
*Made a Nativity Luminary.
*Made tutorials for said wreath, garland, and luminary. (Can’t wait to show you!)
*Spent some time with my boyfriend Jimmy Fallon. Man, I love that show!
*May have watched 27 Dresses for the 100th time.
*Washed three loads of laundry.
*Folded approximately 7 loads of laundry. (Don’t ask!)
*Found an Ugly Sweater.
*Hosted an Ugly Sweater slash Christmas Tree Decorating Party.
*Made tons of food for aforementioned party.
*Took pictures at party.
*Watched Christmas movies and listened to Christmas music to my heart’s content on Friday!
 *Rearranged my classroom after the carpets were cleaned.
Somewhere in there I slept…I think!

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