Friday, April 1, 2011

Life in Favorites

I have a hard time picking favorites. It is made even harder when I always have people asking me what are my favorite books, movies, hair products, makeup and other things are. The older I get, the more I realize that I need to pick favorites if only to make my life easier! Since we are all thrifty and enjoy nice things, I thought it would be fun to showcase a few of my favorite things every month. I'm not getting paid for these posts, just giving my honest opinion about products that I use that work and that I love! This month's focus will be on beauty products! I love a smoking good deal on makeup and hair products, but I do have some must have items that work so well that the splurge is totally worth it! Please ignore the sideways pictures! I was too lazy to switch them! First up are some lip smacking good lip glosses! My thrifty fave is Smith's minted rose lip balm. Huge container, smooth, and a little color. $5 or $6 at Sephora. Love! My splurge is a recent find. Clinque Black Honey lip gloss. It works on all lip colors. Goes on really easily and has just enough color to not stand out. I want to get it in the "almost lipstick" next. $13- $15 at Sephora or the Clinque counter. Have you ever checked out the ELF products at Target? So amazing! These are some of my super super super super thrifty eyeliners. Liquids for $1! WHAT?! Seriously, $1! My newest fave is creme eyeliner in metallic olive . It is the perfect color for my skin tone. Almost smudge proof and sweat proof! I'm ready to get it in black and brown. $3! How great is that?I love neutral eyeshadows. I found this little gem in the Revlon aisle of Target. Satin shadow in Nude Slip. I'm not gonna lie, I bought it for the name more than the color...hehe! I can't say enough about this shadow. It goes on so so so smooth. You barely need any color to cover your eyelid. I only need one color when I use it. I can't wait to get it in more colors. $4.69 at Target. My splurge is MAC. I'm a sucker! They just have such fun colors and the pots last forever. I'm also in love with my Studio Fix powder foundation. It works really nice and last throughout the day. I've been using this Sephora eyeshadow primer for few months and I really like it. No creasing by the end of the day and even into the night. Totally makes my expensive MAC eyeshadow worth buying! $13 at Sephora. Don't get me wrong, I am a proud curly haired girl ,but I do love my straight hair! On those occasions, I use big sexy hair to help produce and promote volume. My hair is pretty fine and the root pump mousse really gives me the lift I'm looking for when I have straight hair. $24 at Ulta or Target. This is another new find for my curly locks. Ouidad leave in conditioner gives my hair the extra moisture I need. It also has helped improve my curl structure. Which makes me happy! $9 for a trial size at Sephora. Well, there you have it! My fave beauty finds. Your turn, tell me some of your splurges or thrifty finds!

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Anne said...

Oh! I LOVE black honey but I had no idea it was available in gloss. I have the almost lipstick version.

I have a terrible time picking favorites too!