Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life in March

There is nothing like open windows with bright sunshine streaming through! Spring is here and I couldn't be happier. This is the time of year that we in AZ moved here for! It also gives us time to enjoy our beautiful weather before the inevitable boil that summer heat brings to our fair state.

Spring brings pretty flowers, fresh smells, rain, flow-y dresses and skirts, longer days, and a sense of newness! I, for one, am ready for the newness that spring brings. If you remember, February was the worst. I talked to one of my dear friends today and she asked me if March was looking better than last month. I was able to answer with an emphatic,YES!! Things are starting to look up. I had an interview yesterday at a wonderful school. I have another scheduled for next week. I'm so thankful and blessed that God is working so clearly in my life. The "spring" is here, so to speak :)

God has always had His hand in my situation. In fact, He is the creator of my situation. I see His handiwork so much clearer these days.
Did He force my school to close? Of course not. But, is He moving my friends and me on to bigger things? Of course! Is there joy in my Grandma's cancer? Heck no! But is God using it to bring us closer to Him? Yes! My grandma has one of the strongest faiths I've ever seen put into action. She'll be the first one to tell you that this is all part of God's plan for her amazing life. She's lived 90 (almost 91!) wonderful years. I know that the love my Grandma has for her Savior has spilled over into others lives and brought more people into the kingdom. More than we will ever know. Talk about a life full of "springs".

Take time this weekend to look for the Spring in your life. Where is God calling you? What parts of your life is God drawing you closer to Him?

Here is one of my favorite songs this Easter Season

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