Monday, April 18, 2011

Life in 40/40 Update

Seeing as Easter is next week, I thought I would share some of my 40 Bags in 40 Days photos. I've haven't been the best at recording what I've gotten rid of or how many bags I've tossed. But I've been a busy busy worker bee.
Photographic evidence that I cleaned as a child. (Again, ignore the sideways picture!)

My brothers and dad will contest that I did not! My mom must have taken this picture to prove that I did. I like to think she was showing off my sweet snow boots that she let me wear in the house...thanks mom!

I'm kinda embarrassed by the amount of clothes I own. Which is why this Lent has been so wonderful for me. I emptied out all my drawers, because I could barely open a few of them!

I tell ya, there's nothing like empty drawers! It makes this organizing fool flip out with joy!

I sorted all of my clothes into keep and toss piles.

Folded everything nice and neatly.

And put it all back in their rightful drawers.

Ahh... now doesn't that look so nice! Like a breath of fresh air!
I had about five HUGE piles in front of my dresser so I called my friend Stacey and she came over and went threw a bunch of stuff. She was able to take two shopping bags home.

These are the bags that went to Goodwill.

Tomorrow I'll show you my closet and shoe clean-out. Even more dramatic.
I still have a few more places I want to get to before the week is over. That's where Good Friday comes in...thanks for a day off! Can't wait to see some of your progress!

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