Monday, March 14, 2011

Life in 40/40 Week One!

During the season of Lent, I have committed to get rid of 40 (or more!) bags of stuff from my house and classroom! Thanks white house, black shutters for this project!

This week was pretty easy because I started in my classroom. I've been in the same classroom for four years. That's a lot of junk to go through! I'm sure I could have loaded up a few more bags. Do these bags count?! I wish!

This project is made for me. Growing up, my mom called me the bag lady. I also love love love getting rid of stuff.
I found these bags in my room.
And my personal favorite...the bags within a bag bag...sweet!

The best part of my classroom is all the storage space. It has also been a blessing and a curse! I went through my game closet and got rid of some toys that didn't work. I also got rid of a bunch of old papers and old math lesson charts I didn't need. I also tossed a broken birthday girl crown!

Day one bag finished!
I have more day two pictures, but it was much of the same thing.
I'm so energized with this project. My goal during spring break is to tackle the closet and bathroom at my house. Check back next week for more progress!
How are you doing with your decluttering goals?

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Ann Marie | white house, black shutters said...

You're doing great! I haven't taken a ton of pictures of the bags, as I'm finding they all look the same, haha. Keep it up, I'm proud of you! :)

So far I'm doing okay, I have my moments. Some days I don't do a bag, others I do a few. There is a greater reason that we're doing this though, so I need to pick up my cross and shut this big ole mouth. ;)