Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life in a Rut

Yesterday I mentioned that I’m finally settling into a routine, which can sometimes feel like a rut more than anything. One of the hallmarks of being a teacher is consistency. And while that is all great, wonderful, and comforting in the classroom it doesn’t always translate into the world outside of work. And, let’s be honest, the temptation to keep up with all those around us is super high no matter what profession you work in.

How do you break out of your normal?

I love to shake things up a little just to keep life fresh and exciting!

*Follow inspirational people on Instagram and Twitter.*

I can’t stress this one enough. Do you know how many amazing people are out there spreading creative positive messages all over Insta? Makes me giddy!



*Sing at the top of your lungs. Preferably in your car!*

I spend ten hours a week in my car. Crazy, I know. I’m really trying redeem that time by doing things I love. For me, worship music is energizing and makes the miles go faster. Blast your favorite music and dance along, trust me!

*Spread positive messages wherever you go.*



The bag on the right is my new purse!

*Try a new workout.*


Again, Instagram is your best friend. Use it to it’s full potential. People are amazing.


Emmy Hornburg said...

I love belting out songs while driving, because I feel like I live in my car! Also, audio books in the car. You can be transported to another world while driving!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

IG is fantastic for inspiration of any kind! and so is pinterest :)

Vodka and Soda