Monday, August 26, 2013

Life on the Weekend

Linking up for This Weekend I…

Now that I’m finding my “school groove” weekends are a precious thing!

Hung out with the neighbors. New goal in life, live next door to cool people. Our next door neighbors are pretty fun. Easy cookouts over beer and good conversation! Love.

Took my nieces to Starbucks. I’ve created monsters.


I bought them their own cups in hopes that they’ll stop drinking out of mine!


Made these babies mine!


Added some pretty to my car! I may just monogram everything I own. It’s a situation.


1 comment:

Victoria said...

great weekend!!

haha my nephew in particular is a lover of starbucks because of me :) we just went there this weekend at his request! but i will take the blame for hooking my nieces on starbucks in general too! (although their mom introduced them to fancy frapps,i would just get them a snack or carton of milk)

cute blog!