Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Life Lessons: Thoughts on Starting a New Job

If you learn one thing about me today, let it be this:

When I start a new job, I make myself at home. Not like the oh please, make yourself at home, mi casa es su casa that you know is totally 100% bogus home. I talking the I’m wearing sweat pants because we’re best friends and you won’t judge me home.

It’s almost embarrassing. But I don’t care.

It takes me about 30 seconds to ask three questions.

1.Where’s the coffee pot?

2. Can I put my lunch in the fridge?

3. What’s the Wi-Fi password?


Emmy Hornburg said...

LOL That's why I have my WiFi password on a dry erase board at my front door. True story.

Happie Reading said...

hahaha the wifi meme, thats funny! so true! So happy I stumbled across your blog. Its so cute! Hope you can swing by mine sometime... Annddd I am your newest follower! Hey-o!

Kelsey Belle