Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life in Texas


Sooo, my brother told me that I needed to catch up my blog.

Here goes.

I’m 29, not married, broke, have no job, no life, annnd I’m living with my brother and his family. *But my dog is pretty cool*

Living the dream, folks.

But, I do have an interview today so things are starting to look up. We also had a blast at the children’s museum in Waco yesterday. Don’t feel too bad for me!


Emily Hornburg said...

And you're in Texas!!!!!! Things will start happening and changing, I'm sure. Just time and patience.... you might need to remind me of the same in a few months. lol

Katie said...

Oye, I think everybody's been there. But I already read your last post about finding a J-O-B. WHOOP WHOOP! Hopefully you don't shrivel up in Texas. :)