Monday, July 22, 2013

Life in Texas (The Time I Got a Job!)

Do you read/write blogs in the summer? If I get one or two posts written a week, I feel pretty accomplished!

Life on a job hunt has been pretty crazy. I went on, what felt like, a million interviews and didn’t have great feelings about any of them. And, let’s be honest, $10 an hour does not cut it for this girl. Mama’s got some big dreams and that ain’t gonna happen on that kind of budget. I mean really!   Once I started to give up hope, I found my place! I feel so blessed and excited.

In the mean time I’ve been soaking up sweet sweet hang time with my family.

In fact, I found a pretty fantastic job before I found the job.


Beep Beep! Who wouldn’t wanna ride on this sweet bus??

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Casey said...

What is your new job? (Or are you keeping it secret for now?)

Emmy Hornburg said...

Yay for finding a job!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Omg. You are too cute. Congrats on the job!!

nlyeadon said...

Totally understand the job hunt business! Congrats on the job! Also I've been writing a "blog a day in July" and It's so hard to upload a post every day!