Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life in June: Tank Top Makeover

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Number 7: Change up your wardrobe with some scissors!

Tanktop Makeover

I love creating clothes that are all my own. If I find a shirt that too small or too big, I don’t let it stop me. Photo-6_6_13,-5.39.47-PM-10

If you don’t think this the best tank top, well then, you can’t sit with us!


While I was wandering around Target, I grabbed an extra small tank top to use as my fabric inserts.


Fold shirt on seams. Cut both sides together until you reach the point you’d like to stop your insert.


Cut one side of the extra shirt.


Lay shirts on top of each other. You’ll want to match the bottom edges together. Use your original tank top as your pattern.

Sorry this picture is so dark!


Cut the inserts in a triangle shape.


Now at this point you could sew the inserts into the tank top or you could use seam tape if you’re lazy, like me!



And there you have it!


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Anonymous said...

How adorable!!! I love it. Great idea!!