Friday, June 7, 2013

Life in June: Number 20

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We’ve talked about my addictive personality before, right? When I find something I like, I will use/wear/talk the heck out of that thing. Hold your hats because today I have a game changer to share with you.

We all want that summer glow, am I right? It’s nearly impossible for me to not look like an Ompa Loompa by the end of summer. I blame my mom and her 50% Italian genes. If you are one of those girls who just can’t or don’t want to abuse your skin every summer. Here ya go.

Number 20: These products are God’s gift to summer girls.


Illuminator     Beauty Balm 

Put a little of each in your hands, rub ‘em together, slap it on yo’ face.

You’re welcome.

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