Thursday, June 6, 2013

Life in June: Three Shows I Know

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I’m not going to lie, being a teacher in the summer is awesome! Plenty of time for the pool, hanging out, and watching all the show I’ve missed over the years.

Thank you Netflix.

Here are my three (well, four if you want to get specific.) favorite shows to stream.

Number 23: Dawson’s Creek

DVD Cover for Season 2 DVD of Dawson's Creek

Yeah, I know. DC is a show that you can have playing in the background while you’re busy, or you can just watch your favorite episodes. Mine include: Pacey and Joey getting locked in a K-Mart, The Beauty Pageant. The third season and most of the fourth. Because…Joey and Pacey. Oh, and the finale. It’s a beautiful thing.

Number 22: Alias/MI5

Yes, that should be a picture of Jennifer Garner aka Sydney Bristow. But letsbehonest. The only reason I started watching the show was Michael Vartan aka Vaughn. After the first episode I totally fell in love with the kick ass action, spying, and amazing stories. I try to be Sydney Bristow every year for Halloween but it never works out. When people ask me my favorite show, this is it. Obsession? I say, yes!

If you already love Alias,or other espionage shows, let me introduce it’s BBC counterpart. 

MI5 (or spooks in the UK)

Ten seasons. All on Netflix. All good. There are so many things that a BBC show can do that a US network show can’t. There won’t be the farfetched story lines and love story like Alias, but you’ll get sucked in just the same. My only suggestion, have the captions on, because British actors talk super fast. I’m currently working my way through this series again. Let me know if you’ve watched it, or want to start. I love “watching” a show with other people!

And, it stars Matthew McFadden (Mr. Darcy) and Rupert Penry-Jones in later seasons.

Yes, this guy!

Number 21: Ugly Betty

This show is simultaneously hilarious and beautiful. The clothes, the sets, the actors (umm, Eric Mabius). The story lines are way out there, especially the first season. If you keep in mind the telenovela background, it makes more sense. Thank goodness they dropped most of that after the first season. All around this show is pretty eye candy with an awesome family dynamic.

What do you watch on Netflix? I’m always looking for a new addiction!

And don’t say Downton Abbey. I’ll cut you!


Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Oh, I remember watching the first episode of Alias, and I was so disappointed that she didn't have the bright red hair.. Liked the show back then!

Emily Hornburg said...

I'm sure you've noticed from my blog, but OMG Supernatural! It's freaky at first and I have to watchit on mute sometimes, but the Winchester boys are completely worth it.