Thursday, May 30, 2013

Life in May: Day Thirty (crazy!!)

Before I get started, let me make a quick request. My heart is breaking over some news I heard yesterday. My close friends Anna and Wade lost their twin girls at 21 weeks. If you are the praying type, please pray for peace and comfort for the family. They could really use it right now. Thanks!
*Blogging everyday in May*
We’re almost done friends!
React to letting go.
Another picture that has zip to do with my post.
I need a good montage maker. Someone to blend haunting songs with beautiful pictures and video timed to perfection. When I say good, I really mean it. You see, the videos are locked in my brain. Seven years of footage, memories, and life that needs to be remembered and recalled. Not so much with the big memories, but the small ones that at the time really didn’t seem to matter that much. Those little through aways that you think you’ll always remember. But you don’t. The times my friends and I laughed until tears streamed down our faces. The time that a parent of a particularly difficult student said thank you. The time I looked at each apartment for the last time. Those are the moments I want saved and engraved for all eternity. Those are the moments that make up a life.
Sure, the big moments matter. They need to be cherished and preserved. Looking back on seven years hasn’t been easy.  I want to remember laughing and bonding with my friends. I want to remember every students and what made them tick. But how did I make people feel? Will they remember me? When I look back on this chapter in my life I’ll carry a perfectly timed montage set to the most tear inducing music known to man, and I’ll smile. Smile because my life will never be the same nor should it be. The last page has been written, the cover closed.
Lord, what do you have next?

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Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Your friends are in my thoughts. This is something no parent should ever have to go through, my heart is aching for them.