Friday, May 31, 2013

Life in May: Day Thirty One

*Blogging everyday in May*

Share a vivid memory.


Another picture that has zero to do with today’s post. It’s pretty awesome (hehe) and I’m pretty tired!

Put on a party hat, pop some bubbly, and celebrate! This month is o to the ver! Wow, I’m so glad I soldiered on through to the end. Now what do I do? Ha, I’ve got plans friends!

So…my vivid memory is actually the first thing from my childhood that I can recall. I’m around three years old, maybe a little older, and I’m sitting in our bathtub. To understand my memory, let me explain The Tub. We had this beautiful claw footed porcelain tub. Straight from the 1900’s. It was super cold in the winter so my mom would turn the water on as hot as possible while we waited for 20 minutes for the tub to warm up. The back of the tub was raised and created sort of a waterslide, not that I ever tried that or anything. Our tub was huge. It was the perfect place to beat the summer heat and warm up in the winter. 

I’m sitting in The Tub, singing my heart out to American Pie. Yes, Bye Bye Miss American Pie. There is no way I could have possibly known all the words and I definitely didn’t know what whiskey and rye were. But I was performing! The world (or bathtub) was my stage and I was merely a player. It was were I belonged.

Whenever I hear American Pie, I smile to myself a little bit. And now, I hope, you will too!   

Thanks for coming along this month. Be sure to stop by on Sunday when I announce next month’s theme! 

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Allison said...

What a beautiful memory! I love that song :) I have always admired claw foot tubs, and the way that you just described yours makes me want one even more!