Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life in May: Day Sixteen

*Blogging everyday in May*

What is difficult about your lot in life and what are you doing to change it?

Deep stuff here. Honestly, when I first saw this prompt I rolled my eyes. (sorry Jenni!)

Seriously? Just the fact that I am able to live in this country makes my “lot in life” exponentially better than most people’s. I like to think of myself as a positive -look on the bright side of life- person. People, my blog is named Life in the Moment. We’re not too serious around here.

So…umm…let’s make a list of things that I take for granted on the regular.

*A loving family that I actually want to be around!

*A job that offers me money for a pretty decent lifestyle.

*More food and clothes than I care to discuss.

*Friends who want to spend time with me.

*A Savior who died for me.

I’d call my life a cake walk. Have I had difficulties in my life? Yes, who hasn’t? To quote Steel Magnolia’s: If you can achieve puberty, you can achieve a past. 

I choose, daily, to move forward. Nothing in my life is so difficult that it can’t be fixed, changed, or prayed over.

  all you have to do is be yourself and live the story that no one else can live – the story of your own unique life. be proud. be confident. and most of all, be happy. #quote #words #inspiration

this is good.


Be happy, yo!

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Allison said...

So guilty of taking those things for granted too often as well. My post today is similar... I have too much to really deserve to complain about anything right now. Thanks for sharing :)