Monday, February 25, 2013

Life on the Weekend

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Ugh, this weekend was such a bummer. I knew going into it that there would be zero Saturday fun. Going to an education conference at 8 am on a weekend can be a drag. But then waking up with a cold on Sunday can put a huge damper on any shot of a weekend you thought you might have. Seriously, zero fun zone.

So, I’m consoling myself with Disney Channel movies, coffee, and my favorite bagel. If I don’t blog this week, send me some love. I’ll be on the couch,dying, if you need me!

Have a great week, friends!


Cammie Smith said...

Sometimes weekends are just lame. Glad you still linked up! Love your blog! I'd love to have you stop by mine, as well!


Casey said...

I hate trainings. I try not to go to any on Saturdays but there is a two day training I go to the first couple of days that school lets out. Blah.

wilson tom said...

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