Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life in the Classroom

Hey guys! How’s your Tuesday?
I’ve been saving this post for a few weeks, because it’s really long! Gonna give you a little peek into my day. I think I wrote all this on the Monday after the Super Bowl. All my quotes are in italics. Student’s names not shared to protect the crazies!
7:05-Walk into school, go to classroom, sign into my computer. Start unloading all my junk and get ready for the day.
7:30- Walk to main building, catch and pray with staff.
7:45- Doors open, kids come running into the room! No joke.
8:10- Student goes on and on about another student kissing him on the check. This goes on until at least until almost 8:12. While this conversation is gem of a conversation is happening! “She doesn't have a beard, she’s not an old lady. She’s 19. My sister is 19.
8:13- Kids put books away and we start our day. Get a hug from a student who made me an alien bear picture (Yes, be jealous!)
8:15-Rousing discussion about Valentine’s Day. “It’s not a party!”
8:16-Ask children if they watched the Super Bowl. Screaming and excitement ensues.
8:17-Put a child in time out.
8:18-“I like to play hockey on ice.”
8:19- “We’re missing (student)” “Umm, he’s right over there.” “We have all the boys.” “Nope, we’re still missing two.”
8:19- (Still) Children continue to count students even though I’ve said at least three time how many students are here.
8:21- Opening prayer, student complains about closing eyes.
8:21- “Sit down. NO, on your bottom.”
8:22- “Stop chewing on your shirt.”
8:22- “I told you not to put your hand on the wall.” “But I like your boots! But I like your spiky ones better!”
8:23- Tomorrow is a student’s birthday. We are overwhelmed with talk of cupcakes.
8:25- Fix our stereo after a student knocks it over. Child is excited about the wires on the back.
8:26- Tell students about dentist visit. “Are you sure the dentist is going to come?” “He’s not coming to fix your teeth. It will be ok!”
8:27- First growl of the day.
8:28- Send same child to time out for second time today.
8:29- Dance Break!
8:33- “I just farted! That means I’m getting older!” (WHAT?!?!)
8:34- We sing a Banana Song.
8:37- Move a child closer to me.
8:38- High Five contest
8:39- “Why did (student) give you that thing with three eyes (the alien bear)? It looks kinda weird.”
8:39- Student throws himself on the floor because he can’t see the ipad.  Refuses to get up.
8:40- Send student to the bathroom for the first time today.
8:41- Start Jesus Time.
8:42- Send second child to the bathroom while sending a different child to time out.
8:44- Tied first shoe of the day.
8:46- Explain leprosy. Children start screaming and refuse to touch each other. Explain that we don’t get leprosy anymore!
8:53- “Get off your friend!”
9:00- Children start singing “Leprosy” during work time.
9:00 (still)- “That guys brown brown brown. I’m going to color him brown brown brown.” “That’s madness!” “(Student) that’s rude, stop.”
9:01- “Someone is singing in the bathroom!” “Twinkle, twinkle someone’s in TROUBLE!” “Stop singing Shakira, I don’t like that. NO NO SHAKIRA!” (Seriously, how do this children even know Shakira?)
9:02- “There’s a big girl named Shakira.” “Put your paper down and get back to work.” "I’m coloring them all rainbow.”
9:04- “Stop singing (student) You’re so annoying.” “I’m nobody’s friend. Nobody likes me.” “Sit down, do your work and stop being mean!” (apparently I don’t need to teach anymore, they’ve got this covered!)
9:06- “You have dolphin earrings. Once a bat bite (student).” “Are you sure?” “Yep, she told me!” “She’s making up a story to get you excited.” “That, (student), she’s a liar. God is watching her.”
And this is where we stop for today! Seriously, this is only ONE hour into the school day!
Let me know if I should finish the rest of the day for you!

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Mandi Roach said...

Hi there! I have ventured over from the GFC blog hop. I'm enjoying this little peak into your world! XOXO Mandi Roach

Casey said...

Oh my gosh! I was laughing because I sometimes hear a lot of this same stuf from my 8th graders! THere is no way I could teach the little ones!

Emily - Emas Grand Ideas said...

Teachers deserve to make the big bucks!!

I nominated you for a Liebster Award...the details are on my blog here: http://www.emasgrandideas.com/2013/02/liebster-award.html Come network with us!