Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life on Thursday

It’s been months since I’ve had a Thursday Thoughts list. So, I’m bringing it back! Let me know if you’d like a link-up. I’ve always enjoyed collecting my random thoughts/ideas to only spew them forth on the internet for all to see. A blast really!

* I’ve never hidden my love for Olympic swimmers. At this point, love may be putting it loosely. Crazed might be a better word! If you enjoy USMOST (US Men’s Olympic Swim Team) half as much as I do, you HAVE to check out this video.

*If you liked that, you’ll love my girls Eve and Candace. Ladies be hilarious!

*My nails currently look like this. Gross.

Photo Feb 27, 6 08 21 PMPhoto Feb 27, 6 08 18 PM

Why I don’t cut the other hand you ask? I can’t answer that. It makes typing on my left hand ridiculously hard.

*I swear the weather people in Phoenix need to make up words for weather phenomena. I mean seriously, we have zero weather so when something happens they get super excited.  Two years ago we had the haboob. (I’m not kidding!)  Last week they were trying to pass off Graupel. It’s pronounced like grapple, which by the by is a nasty grape flavored apple. Apparently graupel is white stuff that falls from the sky. You can’t tell if it is snow, ice or hail. Ummm, in Wisconsin we called that shizz Sleet. Maybe we could call it slaupel, or graupeet. See weather people, I can make up words too!

Photo Feb 20, 3 46 48 PM

*When I find an outfit that I love, I wear it or various incarnations all the time.

My current fave has been tops for months.

Photo Feb 16, 11 58 07 AM

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Katie said...

I'm the same way with my favorite outfits! Love!