Monday, December 3, 2012

Life with a Swap (Christmas music to be exact!)



Jingle Bell Rock Button Final

Thanks to Meghan, Megan, and Sara for this awesome idea!

Christmas music swap? No brainer, of course I would join! Even though I have a strict, No Christmas Music Before Thanksgiving Policy, I’m absolutely addicted after the turkey is put away!

I was so excited to be partnered with Tammy from Tammy Roses. She happens to be from New Zealand, which I think is pretty cool! Her “mixed taped” arrived in some cute wrapping, but I was too excited to take a picture of it!


The New Zealand song was a sweet addition to an already pretty great play list. If you know the song “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues, you’re pretty cool in my book!

So thanks Tammy, I’m so sorry that my package hasn’t arrived yet. #smalltownproblems


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Love that she's from New Zealand, and y'all had a great swap. I'm going to listen to that song now!! :)


Casey said...

So cool that she sent you a song from New Zealand!

Tammy said...

Yay, so glad you liked it :) I can't wait to get yours! I'm also happy you enjoyed the New Zealand song. As soon as I had decided to do the swap I knew it would be going on there.

Fairytale of New York is a Christmas tradition at my house started many years ago with my mum. I love it.

Tammy said...

Also glad you could read my horrible handwriting :P

Christina said...

How cool! I'm adding the Pouges song to my list of a million other songs I discovered from the swap linkups.

Stopping by from the linkup! :)
Easily Entertained

Mrs. Nix said...

Adorable packaging! I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap. Thanks for participating! :)