Monday, November 5, 2012

Life on the Weekend

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This weekend was pretty boring. I went home at noon on Thursday because I was ridiculously sick. I stayed in bed all day Friday and finally felt like myself on Saturday!

However I did make a quick stop at the Farmer’s Market.

Obviously one needs to wear flannel (and moccs!)to navigate produce.

Drank some goodness from RED CUPS!

(Why do we get irrationally excited about this, every year?!)

Stayed tuned for tomorrow. There’s another video coming your way! Or don’t come back, but you’ll be sorry!


Victoria said...

i had my first red cup of the season this weekend too :) i love this time of year! but i will admit that these cups are rather lame,like last years....

Katie said...

We are soulmates. Flannel and moccasins are two of my favorite things EVER. In fact, I basically wore a version of that outfit today. TWINS!! :)