Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life with Favorite Vego Things


Welcome back! If you weren’t here yesterday, I suggest you watch my first video. I go more in depth about my vegetarian journey.

Today I’m sharing my vego faves!

trim.OxQ2dU from Rachel Schultz on Vimeo.


My Ultimate Vegetarian Website/Recipe List

Right now my go to is You are able to search by type of food, diet, or specific recipe. A wonderful resource for gluten free as well.

Real Simple and Martha also have great sections dedicated to vegetarian cooking. Martha even has a whole magazine (Whole Living) that focuses on the vegetarian lifestyle and the green movement.

Skinny Ms. is another site full of quick easy recipes.

Fit Foodie Finds is literally a goldmine of healthy food recipes, like these ten quinoa treats. I’m 110% in love with quinoa and will share some of my favorite ways to use it soon!

The Best (not even joking) Chili from Sweet Twist of Blogging

Yummy Peppers from Can You Stay for Dinner

This amazing sandwich can be made with Fakeon (fake bacon)

Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Closet Cooking

This is a great stopping point because I could go on and on linking wonderful things for you all day.

If you check out my Things to Eat board on Pinterest, you’ll find plenty of other resources as well.

Once again, if you liked this or would like to see more things like this on my blog, please let me know!


Sarah said...

I've loved your two vlogs! It's always fun to hear someones voice for the first time haha. quinoa is great and I definitely need to use it more often, so thank you for the tips! :)

Sarah Stright said...

Hi lady! Found you from the GFC blog hop and I'm now following you- I hope you'll stop by and follow me too. Looking forward to checking our more of your blog :)
xo, Sarah