Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life With a Video

While stumbling around the internet yesterday, I happened upon this little John Stewart gem.

In light of yesterday, it’s good to remember how united we all felt as a country. How a terrible tragedy touched each one of us in such a tangible way. As my staff stood together yesterday morning, holding hands, sharing our stories, and praying I was reminded again how our lives all come crashing together when we least expect it.

Oh, my dad didn’t die on September 12th. I’ll have to share his amazing story on another day.


Melissa said...

Oh, wow! That is good to know! (About your dad!) the way you worded it... i thought... she didn't actually say he died... but then i assumed that is what you meant. I'm glad he survived!!! I know you are too! :)

Nicole Buckingham said...

thank you for digging this up and sharing it here. Sometimes, even in the worst of times, it's good to know we're all human beings on this journey together.