Monday, September 24, 2012

Life on the Lake


It’s a well documented fact that I have awesome friends. Last week my “sister” Angela turned 28 officially entering into Our Year as she and I have dubbed it. Angela has made it her mission to fully live out her 30 before 30 list in the next two years. Lucky for us, we get to join along!

On Saturday we conquered Stand-up Paddleboarding. (Sorry for the iphone and instagram pictures)


Lucy has a way of making sure everyone feels loved on her day even if we’re eating on the patio at Paradise Bakery!


The birthday girl with her birthday bagel!


Not only does Lucy bring the decorations, she brings her own coffee.



Excuse me, I need to stretch.


Just in case you wanted to get up close and personal with my face!



What a day! I was getting so nervous right before I got on the board. All I could think of was broken legs, arms, and falling to the bottom of the lake (cause, ew!). But none of those fears were realized. We all stayed up and the only thing that got wet were our feet. About half way through we all wanted to plan the next time we could go!


Veronica Lee Burns said...

Looks fun! I've never done anything like that.

Rachel said...

I would have been nervous too! But it's great that you all had fun discovering a new activity to enjoy!