Friday, July 20, 2012

Life in Texas (The One Where We Got Ashed)


So, Fourth of July was almost a month ago. Seriously, folks. The summer has gone by waaay too fast. I’m just now getting around to sharing our Fourth Celebration.

Continuing on with our Texas Theme this week.

We started our day at a local “festival”. I use the term loosely.


Could she be any cuter?


Afterwards, we went to my sister in law’s sister’s house (Does that make sense to you?) for a traditional barbeque and a good ole water fight!



My niece Casslyn was not having it with the water fight or the camera!


I’m taking this balloon with ME!



About those fireworks. We were so close we were rained on by all the ashes. The kids kept saying they were getting ashed, hilarious!

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