Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Life in a Dress

I promised a dress challenge wrap up.

Please don’t call me a liar!


I really don’t understand why that one picture is sideways, I tried to fix it to no avail!


A few things I’ve learned from this challenge:
*I don’t need any more clothes! I ended up not wearing at least six dresses in my closest.

*Simple pieces in basic colors are essential to a well rounded wardrobe.

*Having a “uniform” makes dressing easier. You don’t have to wear the same thing, just the same type of outfit. Clearly my “uniform” is a maxi shirt paired with a bright shirt and a belt.

*Shopping your closest makes you see your clothes in a whole new light. I pulled out pieces I haven’t worn in months, and got rid of stuff that didn’t look right. 

*Think like a French woman: Simple elegance. Doesn’t hurt to have some killer statement jewelry either!

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