Monday, April 23, 2012

Life Lately (mostly food I’ve eaten and loved)

I hope you enjoyed my “Week in Rewind” last week.

I plan on having a few more this week, because I’m kinda tapped out in the blog sense!

In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from my life in the last few weeks.


I’m kinda ridiculous obsessed with this omelet called the Bacado (bacon and avocado). Except in my case, it should be called the Facado since I use fake bacon.



New favorite wine place, Postinos on Central.

Amazing all around!


Delicious lasagna rolls, sooooo good!


We drink water out of coffee mugs in these parts.


Abbey S said...

I am jealous of every single picture in this post. Yummm. (Yup. even the water. Ha!)

Lu3Lu said...

All of it looks so yummy!

Stopping by from mingle monday! :-)

Ava Mason said...

Ha! I'm totally going to do the water in the mug thing. It will confuse people in these parts! Stopping by from MM.

Kristin said...

Food posts make me happy :)
Stopping by from Mingle Monday!