Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life in the Berry Patch


Look at those beautiful strawberries.
Plump, juicy, sweet and oh so red! Makes you want to reach out, grab one, and gobble a few down.
Let me tell you the break down those berries caused the other day.
Now, before you think I’ve gone cray cray and click away, let me share my story.
Strawberries have come to mean so much more to me that just a sweet treat on a hot summer’s day. Words like home, comfort, laughter, and delicious all come to mind when I look back on my summers picking berries.
My grandma would wake us up early in the morning while the birds were chirping outside the window. Our breakfast of sliced apples and oranges were waiting at the kitchen counter.  We were told to “hurry up, it’s going to be a hot one, we better get a move on.”
My brother and I would crawl into the car, half asleep,anticipating the morning ahead of us. We were going berry picking! Two whole hours to eat and eat and eat. The owner would joke with grandma that he should weigh us before we came in and again as we left and charge us accordingly. Years later I found out that he said this to every young costumer, the running joke only added to the magic of the berry patch.
After we filled our long berry boxes, we headed to the weigh stand, paid for our beautiful strawberries, and hauled them back to the car. However, our job was not over. There was more work to be done at home. Cleaning, mashing, and canning were all on the days list of chores.
Since losing Grandma almost a year ago, I find it hard to eat a strawberry without being flooded with the sweet memories of our times at Statz’s Berry Farm. In fact, I’ve avoided my favorite fruit until last week. As I broke down and finally bought a box, I knew that Grandma’s memory would always be tied to our times together.Through the tears, my heart was flooded with pure joy. Joy knowing that I’m finally moving on. Healing is in my future.  So, whenever I need a trip to the past I’ll buy a box of strawberries.
*I know, I know, two serious posts back to back. Stop by Friday for my dresser makeover!*

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