Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life on Thursday

Some randoms to get me to Friday:

Aka…last day before Spring Break.

Good thing it’s a half day!

*After opening my patio door but not the blinds, I noticed this:


*And apparently my dog thinks she’s a cat, and needed to bask in the sunshine. Don’t we all?


*I’ve eaten avocado every day this week. Yummy!

*Did I mention that I’m on Spring Break starting at 11 am tomorrow? Cue the angel chorus.

*I forgot that I have a twitter. I don’t use it ever that much. Should I start?

Linking up with Sar at life of love


Sar said...

I kind of secretly (errr, not-so-secretly) love Twitter. Seriously, I'm on it more than anything (probably because I deleted my Facebook, but still)... :)

Thanks for linking up! Woohoo for spring break!

Emily Hornburg said...

USE TWITTER MORE!!!!!!!! Not that I'm addicted to it or anything...;) Also- I love your dog. He's so cute! If we lived closer our dogs could have play dates.