Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life on Thursday


What a lovely day.

Today, I’m linking up with Sar over at life of love.

And now some thoughts I’ve thrown together:

*Working on a great recipe tutorial for y’all.


*The parents are coming to visit in two weeks! Ack, need to clean and fold some laundry.

*There was a bobcat loose at school yesterday.

For real people.

(Three weeks ago we had a snake -number two for the year-. Some days I wonder if I live in Arizona or a zoo. Matt Damon and I should be pals!)

While we were peacefully eating lunch in the teacher’s lounge, an ominous announcement  was made over the intercom.

“Students are to remain in their classrooms.”

Aka…code for a lock down.

Or in teacher brain- RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

My fellow teachers jump up to get their students from the cafeteria.

My first thought was, “If there’s a real emergency, why are we running into the hallway, STRAIGHT INTO THE PATH OF DANGER!!!”

While we were speedwalking running to save the children from imminent peril, another announcement informs us that there’s just a bobcat loose on the playground.

No biggie.

*Did Valentine’s Day come at warp speed for anyone else? Seriously, I have no decorations, no candy, and no clue what to get for my classes. Good thing they are four and won’t really notice if there is more candy from me!

*I have a deep desire to see The Vow this weekend. Good thing my partner in crime wants to go because her husband won’t take her!

*I bought a stripped dress today.

No, it’s not blue and white.

*I’m supposed to inform you all that I should not complain about winter in Arizona.

I’m a big wuss.

So disregard my post about winter. Or not.

*I’m looking forward to Ash Wednesday like made crazy.

I can’t wait to start my 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge.

I may or may not already have five bags ready to ship off to the G’Will.

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