Monday, February 6, 2012

Life in the Winter

Does anyone else gobble these up like it’s your job?
In the winter these are my first line of defense against the sniffles.
Getting a full range of vitamins goes miles in helping your overall health and well being.
I recently started taking a B complex pill again.
Oh buddy!
I keep telling everyone I can find about how amazing I feel. My energy levels are through the roof , which helps when I’m chasing four year olds around the playground. (Yesterday, they made me play “Shark”. basically me yelling and trying to grab them while they laugh and giggle!)
If you are feeling sluggish or under the weather, pop a B complex and eat some Cuties!
Dr. Rachel’s orders!

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Sar said...

Oooh my gosh, clementimes are my FAVORITE. Seriously, I've eaten at least 30 within the past three weeks. Addicted? ;)

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