Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life on Thursday

Is anyone else excited that it's Thursday? 
I tell ya, having Monday off makes my week drag. What's with that? 
I've been dropping the ball with my decluttering and blogging as of late. 
So sorry! 

To make up for my slackerness, I offer you this random list of thoughts straight from my noggin:

*Mondays off make me happy, but the rest of the week goes super slow. 
*I found a really sweet dresser over the weekend, can't wait to refinish it! 
*Tomorrow is Friday which means I get to wear jeans and a t-shirt. 
*Penguins are the hot topic in my four year old classroom this week. 
*Here are two of my FAVORITE penguin videos. Just try to watch these and not laugh, I dare you! 

Enjoy my friends!


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Anonymous said...

Happy Thursday!! =)

megs [at] Shine On