Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life last weekend

This weekend was not one for the record books.
Full of lazy afternoons, and cleaning. Oh, the cleaning! I’ve probably cleaned out my closest three times since moving to the new place. Ugh, too many clothes!
Anyway, last weekend was pretty fantastic. I rather enjoyed last weekend, if I do say so myself.
One of my 2012 goals is trying new places to eat. Phoenix is full of hip hometown eateries. Luckily my friend Mandy is the queen of Central Phoenix. After church on Sunday we scoped out Windsor and it’s dessert sister Churn.
*Yeah, I know that’s a bunch of tp, but it was cool. Dealwithit
Ah, be still my hipster heart.
The food was excellent and the ambiance was even better. One of  joys of living in Phoenix means eating outside in January.
Found a dresser at G’Will on Monday. Too bad I had to visit two stores to find one. I’m still bitter that the $13 beauty from the first store was snatched up by some lady who probably won’t love it as much as I would have!
Annnd the best part of Monday:
Beauty and the Beast.

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