Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life in 2012 and a Yummy Egg Recipe

After one full week in 2012, how are ya doing on your goals?

I enjoyed my first week using the Declutter calendar. I found it helpful if I wrote down the task for the day on my menu board so I wasn’t running back and forth to my computer.

One of my favorite goals was making two new recipes every month.

First up was this yummy treat.

I was able to make about nine eggrolls. can’t wait to try them again.

This quick marinara sauce is currently simmering on my stove. It smells extremely heavenly.


Sorry for the bad cell phone picture, again. I really need a new camera!

I made my own twist on the easy recipe by adding more basil and whole tomatoes. I hope it tastes as good as my mom’s famous 24 hour sauce.

Speaking of recipes, have you ever tried ricotta cheese in your eggs?

If you haven’t, RUN to the store and pick up a container of some part skim ricotta cheese.

Here’s my favorite way to use it.

I call these Rachel’s Italian Scramble.

*Heat a pan with olive oil

*Add fresh basil

*Add tomato slices

*Mix two eggs with ricotta, garlic salt, and dried basil

*Add egg mixture to the pan

*Top with shredded mozzarella. I like the mozzarella, provolone, parmesan blend from Trader Joe’s.

This is a super high fat, high calorie meal so don’t indulge too often. 

It usually only makes one smallish portion, anyway.

So delicious!



Ps…I forgot to share this in my Christmas wrap up.


I have an awesome family. My cousin crocheted me this tree hat. She secretly shipped it to Texas so we could all enjoy!

PPS…Does anyone else struggle with decorating after taking down the Christmas stuff or is it just me? I always procrastinate putting away my stuff for weeks after the holidays because I never know what to do. Help me please!

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