Sunday, December 11, 2011

Life in the Christmas Craft Room

Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things!

Making decorations rates pretty high on my list as well.

I’ve already shown you how to make a Christmas Luminary. Today I will be sharing a simple Winter garland.

The only supplies you’ll need:

Yarn of various colors



Wrap yarn around your hand about 40-50 times.

Less if you want a smaller pom pom.

You can also wrap around three or two fingers.


Slide the yarn off you hand.

Tie around the middle.


Snip ends


Fluff and trim ends.


Tie the pom poms to any length of yarn.

I twisted my garland around some greenery, but you could keep it on it’s own.

I could see it draped on a mantel.

I have another garland wrapped around one of my smaller Christmas trees.

I might leave it up all winter because I chose yarn that matched my kitchen décor.

PS….the green garland is an awesome steal from the Dollar Tree. Fifteen feet for $1! can’t beat that!

I’ll be back on Tuesday with another way to use my awesome find.

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