Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life in the Craft Room

Want a quick, easy, cheap, every adjective for thrifty, craft with mini pumpkins?

This project was, for reals, the quickest DIY I’ve ever attempted.

It took me longer to clean up the hot glue strings!



Make sure your mini pumpkins are fresh and clean.

I have one that might only last a week while the others might make it until Halloween.

I used baby rick rack but you could use larger rick rack on a larger pumpkin and get the same effect.


Measure your rick rack. Cut enough pieces for each rib.

I only followed the large ribs. There were 9 or 10 on each pumpkin.


Glue, place rick rack, repeat!

So simple, no joke.




Ahh, I’m in love!

Don’t they look so cute nestled in with some fall leaves?



I’m off to eat some homemade applesauce while enjoying this beautiful fall day in Phoenix!

Have a great weekend!


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1 comment:

Syndal said...

those are so cute! i just got some pumpkins today and i'm brainstorming some deco ideas so thanks for the tip!!