Monday, August 22, 2011

Life in Clothes

Since I’ve started my new job, I’ve had someone comment on my clothing at least once a day.

I am by no means a fashion maven or icon. But after the third or fourth time that someone said, “You look so cute!”

I figured I must be doing something right.

I’ve tried to live by this adage by Coco Chanel.

I like to take time to make myself presentable in all situations. Rarely do I wear sweats outside of my home.

*Ok, Unless I’m sick or I’m going to a close friend’s house! Or I’m in Wisconsin and it’s –2 outside*

I looked through my closet and dresser and took inventory of my style.

A few things seem to repeat themselves.


Must find now!


White is a girls best friend. I probably have close to 15 white shirts. I have short sleeved, long sleeved, embellished tank tops, plan tanks, cardis, and sweaters.

White shirt bonus- They are always easy to find!

White is my go to color choice. You can dress it up or down by adding a few accessories.

Yes, white is a dangerous color but Tide has come out with a gentle bleach that I add to all my loads of whites.

Even preschool teachers can wear white and not be afraid!

2- Dresses


Dresses are the most versatile component of anyone’s wardrobe. Just put one on and you instantly have a pulled together look. Add a cardigan and a belt and you have a different look for another day.

3- Cardigans


This is one of my newest obsessions. Get them in a bunch of colors, weights, and lengths. You’ll be able to pack a few on a trip and use them with all your outfits.

4- Khaki Pants and Skirts

My absolute favorite outfit is a white shirt (original, I know!) and kaki pants. I can add bright jewelry or shoes and it doesn’t look blah. Bonus- Khaki literally goes with everything!

5- Clothes that are “seasonless”


Arizona may be void of seasons, but we do have some difference in weather!

It’s important to find outfits that you are able to wear year round. Add leggings and boots to a darker colored dress and you have a great fall look. Wear tights and heels and you are able to go through winter. Saves money and time!

6- Basics


By basics, I mean, white, black, brown, and grey.

By most of your shirts and pants in these colors and you’ll have many things to mix and match with.

Don’t be afraid of a blander color pallet, but don’t be afraid of color. You can always add a killer pair of red heels!

7- Accessories


Never underestimate the power of a well worn necklace or statement earrings. Not only is nice costume jewelry cheap, but it is easy to come by.

Jewelry also dresses up basics pieces.

Scarves also fall into this category.

8- When in doubt, dress like a French woman.

French woman have few clothes. However, their clothes probably cost more than a down payment on a KIA.

A French woman lives by the motto that if it worked on Monday it will work just as well on Thursday.

They know the power of basics and high quality pieces mixed together.

When I was student teaching I had a limited supply of dress pants. I kept track of every outfit I wore as to not wear the same pair of pants two days in a row. I challenged myself to never wear the same outfit twice. I totally did it!

It worked because I had a well stocked closet.

The newest person to be seen using this idea is my favorite princess:

Kate Middleton.


On the royal couple’s recent trip to Canada, Kate was famously seen wearing the same pair of jeans two or three times in the same week. Oh the horror, oh the shame!

Except, she was applauded for her savvy thriftiness. Not that she needs to be saving money! We’ve all been on a long trip with limited bag space.


Now, go through your closest and see what works best!
The first outfits you should keep around, and wear a ton, are the ones that you get complemented the most in.

Obviously, you look fabulous darling!

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