Thursday, April 1, 2010

Saying goodbye to a dear friend

Have you ever felt that time is fleeting? I don't mean your run of the mill time passing too fast stop and smell the roses fleeting; but gut wrenching if I don't do this right now I'll never get another chance time fleeting? The past two weeks have been like that for me.
If I don't read all the articles in a magazine I freak out. If I don't eat all of my apple I feel bad. If I get upset at my students I wonder if I will be setting a bad example for life. I really don't think this is normal. I also find myself weeping over the smallest things.

God calls us to give up these worries and revel in His love. He calls us to daily put aside ourselves and pick up His greater good for our lives. My behavior during the past few days has not been in line with God's will for my life. So, I choose today to say goodbye to my old self. I choose today to be forgiven and whole. I choose today to follow Christ wholeheartedly and not look back.

However, I will stop and smell the roses everyday because life is moving too fast!

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