Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Living life for today

Here we go again! I've decided to retool and rethink my blog. Thanks Lucy for the silent encouragement!

We've all heard the old adage, "Stop and smell the roses." Or, "live life to the fullest." Or, "live like you're dying." In recent months I've noticed that I don't always do this. It has always been so easy to get bogged down in all the day to day busyness of being a teacher and a young person. I hardly take time to actually live each day.

The easiest place to find people living for today is in my kindergarten classroom. I have a theory that we are always the person we were in kindergarten! Children are so real and honest with one another. Children live in the moment, no matter the circumstances. They have little concept of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Today is all they have.

When I am able to sit back and listen to my children, I pick up keen insights of the Christian life. They are so quick to forgive and forget. Nothing fazes them, well, only when someone steals their favorite toy or takes the last swing! But even then problem is quickly solved and they move on. Total commitment to living life in the moment! When do we, as adults, forget this simple lesson? Why do we hold onto grudges that continue to hurt us and those we love? Jesus calls us to forgive just like he forgave us. If the God of the universe can forget all my icky sin, then why do I hold onto all this baggage?

I want my life to showcase a life of forgiveness. Forgiveness to others and remembrance of ultimate forgiveness won for me on the cross 2000 years ago! And, I dare say, I want to live life like a five year old! No holds bar, living moment to moment.

So, I challenge you, live life in the moment. Don't hold back. Forgive. Love fully. Smell the roses!

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Lucy said...

love it Rachel...hmmm, always the person you were in kindergarten? I can definitely see some truth in that theory!...now if only we could get some scientific proof to back us up...