Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life in October: Saving Money for the Big Stuff

Ps…I’m totally embracing October, great ready for fall themed posts all month long. Hashtag, sorry not sorry.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!


If you’re anything like me, money is tiiiight. And if knowing that the season is just around the corner is making you run for cover, fear not. I’ve got you covered! Now is the perfect time to make a game plan!

Simple Ways to Not Max Out Your Credit Card this Holiday Season


-Start Buying a Visa Gift Card Once a Week.-

Pick a dollar amount that fits your budget. Use those cards to buy your gifts or give them as gifts!

-Hit Up a Few Etsy Shops-

If you don’t have a favorite (or two!) Etsy shops, where have you been? There’s nothing like helping out a small business owner. PS-If you ask really nicely, they may offer you and your readers a coupon code or a giveaway. Use you blog for good.

-Buy a Few Small Things Each Time You Shop-

My grandma always picked up little knickknacks here and there during the year. Sometimes she gifted us right away, other times she saved it for Christmas. Either way it was so special knowing she thought about you while being out and about.


Check out your Crafts to Make board (don’t pretend you don’t have one) and make something! You’ll thank me later!


Wal-Mart, Sears and K-Mart are all offering layaway programs this season. I even saw an ad from Wal-Mart that offered no sign up costs! Sweet deal.


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