Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Life in Fall: Favorite Non Christmas Movies


Fall and Christmas…hands down, best time of the year. Can we all agree on that? Ok, moving on.

Like I mentioned yesterday, celebratin’ holidays needs to happen one at a time. Treat each day with the respect it deserves. That being said, there comes a time every year (around the second week of November) when I start itching to listen to Christmas movies and indulge in a little Love Actually. But rules are rules I’m a crazy person , and I hold off until after the turkey is put away. If you feel the same way, today is your day! I’ve spent a few years (I wish I was kidding) compiling a list of movies that contain Christmas scenes but aren’t strictly Christmas movies. 


-Under the Tuscan Sun-

Spending Christmas in Italy, yes please!

-Save the Last Dance-

My college years in Chicago makes me love this movie even more.

-Where the Heart Is-

Cheesy sappy goodness

-Maid in Manhattan-

Not one of JLo’s best, but the NYC scenes can’t be beat. Plus Simon and Garfunkel can’t hurt.


All the classic elements: Winter, skating, hot chocolate, and love.

-Someone Like You-

If you haven’t seen this movie, make some time. I love Ashley Judd.

-Sleepless in Seattle-

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks make my list, again!

-Bed of Roses-

One of my absolute favorite movies. By far the longest Christmas scene in my entire list.

-You’ve Got Mail-

I know this was on my list yesterday, but come on “The horn the horn, it sounds so forlorn.” Stop what you’re doing and watch if you are confused.   


The Gwyneth Paltrow version is the best. Nothing like a Jane Austen ball to cheer you up!

-Mean Girls-

It would be an incredible shame if I didn’t include this gem on my list! The Talent Show? Teenage movie solid gold. 

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